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Weekend hackaton for game development

Working long hours, from morning to deep night. During weekend! Sounds fun? Then you are a good party member for a hackaton. Recently popularized by Facebook and it’s all-nighters or coding 24-hours in row. Now widely spread also as marketing event. It is easy to see why – promotes that the team can work hard, and is not

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    Introducing team – Wili, Mato

    With the first half of our team introduced last time here, it’s about time to show you the rest of us. To give you a better way to compare our taste for games, we have the same set of questions. Martin Wilczak – Wili Wili is the creative artist behind most of our in-game models and

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      Introducing team – Rudo, Dave

      Behind every game is a team of dedicated developers, game designers, graphic designers, marketing people, sound artists, testers and many other people. We don’t have the luxury (yet!) to cover each of the mentioned role by a different person. What we do have in our small team is lots of talent, enthusiasm and four gamers, with no

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        Our new project – The Great Wobo Escape

        Hi there! So we started the 2013… Goals and resolutions all set up, fresh energy for new projects ready. Let’s hope some of the wonderful experiences will be related to games as well. And what a great year for a gaming this will most certainly be! I hope you all have your wish lists fully

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