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Enemy Behavior Demonstration – Dev Diary #7

Thanks to this simplified example you might get an idea about how enemies patrol and move in a level. Robots have a set of waypoints they go through in each level – a place to guard or a charging station to go to for recharging batteries.   What you can see in the video is

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    Big jump forward in visuals made easy – Dev Diary #6

    Visuals of a game are critical to some players but only a nice extra touch for others. In any case, you as a developer probably have in mind a level of visuals that you want to achieve for your game . Getting there might be difficult. But after sorting out some basics (like better textures and

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      Beta testing started!

      Hi friends! We have a new version of the game ready for testing! If you want to play work-in-progress version of much re-designed The Great Wobo Escape Episode 1. It is easy, just follow these few steps: Join the Google Group The Great Wobo Escape – Testing Group or Google+ Community The Great Wobo Escape

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        gamescom – indie perspective, review and summary

        By now, we all know how big the gamescom was. All the figures of attendance are just amazing. Also a few helpful summaries were already written – here and here. It is pretty clear that the gamescom is a big thing. And we just couldn’t miss such a big thing by not going! We have attended as a trade

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